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Christian Songs Have Come A Long Way

Christian Songs Have Come A Long Way

The Christian songs heard on the radio today are a far contrast from the ones played in decades past. Christian contemporary music is generally considered to have originated in the share this site late sixties during the Jesus more details movement. Larry Norman was an early pioneer in the genre. During this period there were also a few mainstream more details bands that started performing Christian songs. The band Ocean released a Christian song that even made it into the hot 100.

&25839;ut Your Hand in the Hand?was a very good God song. It really became popular among a broad audience. While one would think the biggest hurdle would’ve been non believers, that was not actually the case. Regrettably it was other Christians who would not accept these mainstream Christian songs. There was a belief in the community that &25564;ock Stars?could not deliver the message in an appropriate way. Even with the resistance the movement could not be quashed. The movement really began to pick up steam.

The bandwagon effect became the next problem for the genre. There were Christian songs being produced by bands who were lacking in the talent department. The record companies saw this new market and the possibilities; unfortunately there was a lack of talented artists in the genre. In a move of desperation the record companies chose to release music that was not of the greatest quality. The motivation behind these bands choosing to perform Christian music is something I personally am not sure of. I leave that up to the good Lord to judge.

It was only a matter of time until real talent started to outnumber the posers in Christian music.. Performers who formerly hid their beliefs began to deliver the message. Christian songs of greater quality started being released. In the early seventies a band called Petra was formed. Petra was an influential band that essentially set the bar for musicians to come. Their popularity really peaked in the eighties.

Petra’s popularity continued into the 90’s. More styles of music started being incorporated into Christian music. There was a Christian counterpart for pretty much any style of music. Finally the genre had become fully fledged. It was overflowing with talented musicians.

The nineties were time of great growth for Christian music. These artists were able to adapt and grow with mainstream trends. Gangsta rap was also big at the time. Christian rappers like Tbone had an answer for that. These days Christian music is a well established music genre. It’s no longer playing catch up with mainstream music. The genre as a whole now grows right along with the roblox cheats mainstream.

It is not uncommon to see an album from a band like Jars of Clay debut on the mainstream charts. Feature films even feature Christian songs on the soundtracks nowadays. The detractors will always be there. Hopefully this will not discourage people from enjoying this fabulous music.

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