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Christmas Is Funny

Christmas Is Funny

C&25254;on now, you know Christmas is just plain funny! How many holidays&26777;olidays which are supposed to be sacred&26777;ave as the mascot a big fat man with a long bushy white beard, a nose that looks like he&25263; been on a 3-day binge, and wears an outfit which in another season could be seen as a Halloween costume?

Okay, well, yes, there is also share this site Easter, with the ever-present funny bunny.

But we&25251;l get to Easter at a later time. I promise. Right now, let&25263; focus on the spirit of Christmas. Not the &25618;pirits?of Christmas&26784;f which one might think ol?Santa had imbibed, considering his very red cheeks and always lopsided-looking grin. No, we&25262;e talking the &25618;pirit?of Christmas . . . that perpetual fun, let&25263; laugh-whenever-we-can, being-nice-to-all time of year, a period when almost all of us seem to have sipped from the happy juice.

It&25263; a good time. Maybe we should have Christmas year-round . . . the world might be a friendlier place. And what is wrong with funny? What&25263; wrong with doing those things that if done at any other time of year might put you in, well, that place that used to be called the funny farm?

I recall a movie about a man with a simple view of life. He saw it in all its possibilities, not its trials. He had problems, of course, but he lived through life&25263; simple pleasures rather than life&25263; most negative moments. If he felt like skipping down the street&26782;ind you, this was a grown man&26777;e skipped down the street. Of New York City, no less. If he felt like finding a playground and swinging for his lunch break, he had a glorious time on the swings, wearing his business suit. Then he went back to the office, and the office was better for him having truly enjoyed his break.

I&25254; not so sure this isn&25264; the absolute best way to live. In general, say about 11 months out of the year, we take ourselves far too seriously. Human nature lives to be silly. I&25254; convinced it&25263; part of our DNA and I present Christmas to you as my best argument.

My dear husband found out that I love blue lights on the outside of a house at Christmas. This stems&26784;f course&26774;rom childhood memory. I recall a house decked out in lights, everywhere, including the outline of the home, the windows, the garage, the trees, and even the lawn furniture and the water downspouts. Each and every spot of that home was done in the most glorious, single-color blue lights. In my child&25263; eye, I decided this is what Heaven looks like.

So what does my dear hubby do? He goes out and buys all the blue lights in virtually every suburb in the state of Maryland. Every bulb ever made and sent to Maryland that year are bulbs we likely now own. He&25263; such a sweetheart. And every year since, he digs out all those lights, yanks the big ladder from the garage, and has made it a tradition to create my very own blue Heaven.

While this may not actually be fun-ny, it&25263; certainly FUN. It&25263; a light-hearted tradition shared www.battlecamphackcheatss.com/ between two adults&26783;o children in our house these days&26768;n act of pure fun and joy. Just for the heckuvit.

Others have a similar tradition&26793;he lighting up of their home&26769;ut they use many colors, or place Santa on the lawn alongside the baby Jesus in his manger . . . his parents sitting right there with him, of course (he is a baby, after all). Again, the only time of year when we can see Santa ho-ho-ho&25244;ng, next to Mary and Jesus praying with their newborn baby, next to a frigid-looking snowman wearing a carrot-nose and bundled up in Uncle Bert&25263; last-season gift scarf.

America. Think of all the possibilities!

Another holiday tradition that can bring out the fun in us, the child lurking just beneath the surface, is Christmas cards. Oh, of course we can send the traditional hearth picture, the fire burning cheerily and the stockings hung on the chimney with care . . . but, heck, why not mix it up a bit this year? Go for a cartoon scene, say, one that shows what reindeer are forced to do in January (work is slim for reindeers after the holidays), or what elfs learn in elf school&26801;ou didn&25264; think they came by all that knowledge naturally, did you? Such scenes are created by well-known cartoonist, Jerry King, a man who clearly understands how to spell Christmas without missing the f-u-n-n-y.

Christmas is such a happy time of year. Don&25264; let the season get by you without enjoying it to its fullest. Whether you&25262;e 12 or 112, be sure to see the light, the bright, and the laughter in every moment of every day . . . not only for roblox cheats Christmas&26793;hough Christmas is the best time to start!&26769;ut every other day of the year, too.

If you feel like skipping down Main Street or Wall Street, by all means, go marvel contest of champions cheats hack for it! And smile at folks as you pass them by. They may get the fun-ny bug from you . . . certainly can&25264; hurt a thing, can it?!

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