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Making A Decision Fence Setters And Nah Sayers

Making A Decision: Fence Setters And Nah Sayers

Let me start off with a little story, actually two stories. (Fence setters)

A man sitting on a roof top during a flood prays to god to save him. While on this rooftop a boat comes by and http://www.asphaltnitrohack.com/ asks the man if he needs any help? He says no god is going to save me. So the boat keeps going. The water is rising even more as every moment goes by. A little while later another boat comes by and asks the man if he needs help. Again the man says no god is going to save me. The boat leaves. Now the water is at the top of the roof all around the man. About and hour or two later a helicopter hovers over head and asks the man if he needs any help. Once again he says no god is going to save me. The helicopter flies away and the man drowns. When he gets to heaven he asks god why you didn&25264; save me. God looks at him and says I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more could you want?

Moral to the story: When your ship comes by jump asphalt nitro hack cheats tool aboard. http://www.asphaltnitrohack.com/ Opportunity only knocks so many times before passing you by. So ask yourself are you going to be the guy who missed the boat (the fence setter) or are you going to be the guy who jumps aboard and makes his destiny and dreams come true?

Ok for the second story now. (Nah Sayers)

A long time ago a man was told to build a rather LARGE boat. On this boat was to be two of every animal on earth. Everyone slither io hack android in the surrounding villages thought he was crazy and that he could never build such a large boat. His friends and neighbors all told him that it couldn&25264; be done that he was wasting his time and that it would never work. Good thing for him that he didn&25264; listen to them. I think we all know how this story ends.

So often we are persuaded by the opinions of others. Most of the time these opinions have no merit to them. A Nah Sayer will try to ruin your hopes and dreams. They do this without even realizing that they are responding to their own fears and short comings. People tend to criticize what they don&25264; understand. So to all the Nah Sayers out there get the correct education to make a logical decision. Quit being a Nah Sayer and start being a Yes Sayer. Take a look at the website below. globalcashalliance dot com

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