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                       Interview With Professional Trainer Pete Ohnegian 

Pete Ohnegian is a passionate coach, teacher and personal trainer.  Training at GOOD ENERGY is not only workout, but a positive life experience.  If you have fitness goals, the determination to achieve your dreams and the courage to be disciplined, Pete and his staff can help you succeed.

Pete reached the highest level in football, getting paid to play, training hard by himself and following workout programs he adopted from each level in which he played. 

In total, Pete played 5 years in the Arena Football League, a stint in an NFL camp with the Dallas Cowboys in 1997 and the XFL in 2001.  Pete worked hard improving and maintaining his strength, speed and agility during his playing days and diligently recovered from several serious injuries during his career including an ACL reconstruction and Lis Franc fracture of his left foot.  The ideology of Good Energy is a compilation of Pete’s experiences in weight rooms, on tracks and training rooms over the last 20 years.  His training style is that of a professional Strength & Conditioning Coach with attention to detail, positive reinforcement and a mentality that training safely and intensely is more important than how much weight you are pushing! 

Pete’s coaching experience includes being the defensive line coach at the Division 1-AA level at Lafayette College where he was also the strength coach for football and local northern NJ recruiter in 1994-95.   Pete has also coached at the high school level for Mahwah High School (2003) & with the Ramsey Junior Football Program in 1997.

Ohnegian obtained his Screen Actor’s Guild Card too.  While playing in the Arena League and after, Pete earned credits in Any Given Sunday, The Replacement’s, The Sixth Day and Law in Order, CI to name a few principal roles, along with numerous commercials and Big & Tall modeling gigs.

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