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Love At First Sight

Love at First Sight You are walking along the corridor, engrossed in your own world. You don’t see the guy approaching from the other side. As he passes you, the strap of his backpack gets caught in your file. In an instant, it slips out of your hand and drops ...

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Love Led To Weight Loss For Kelly Clarkson The Marquee Blog

Love led to weight loss for Kelly Clarkson The Marquee Blog While finding a romantic partner  Bouncy Castle often means putting on pounds, for Kelly Clarkson it meant the opposite. The 30-year-old singer, who announced her engagement to Brandon Blackstock in December, told Cosmopolitan magazine that she dropped 18 pounds ...

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Love Or Control What Would You Choose

Love Or Control: What Would You Choose? In today’s relationships what is often classed as love is nothing more than control. The desire to control another person and their behaviour then becomes more important than it is to love and honour the other person. The question is: what would make ...

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Loving Others Only Works In An Attitude Of All Men Are Created Equal (god’s Love Series)

Loving Others Only Works In An Attitude of “All Men Are Created Equal” (God’s Love Series) We all live life in earthly, worldly dimensions, thoughts and attitudes. When we do so, this can really disempower us spiritually. Paul says not to compare spiritual things to natural things. When we try ...

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