7 Brainiac Foods To Enhance Writing And Cognition

7 Brainiac Foods to Enhance Writing and Cognition

We are all at risk of experiencing a drop in brain function and statistics have shown that as we get older, we are likely to face a reduction in our creative thinking process. And for writers, a reduction of one’s cognitive powers could lead to creative stagnation—also known as a writer’s block—reduced writing output and a drop of one’s’ earning abilities.
These issues make it more important for writers to focus on exercising the brain and eating healthy to retain full cognitive abilities as we age.
If you are a student you’re probably struggling with keeping a both Jumping Castle diverse and cheap menu, but as an astute reader you have to aim for more. It should be noted, however, that despite of huge successes science has reported in healthcare, enhancing the brain attributes through medication isn’t a viable option. On the other hand, studies have shown that nature’s own remedies — aka brainiac foods—have been effective in sharpening the mind of a man. Which means that your choice of food may be the most important variable you can control to ensure the continued vitality and good health of your mental capacities. In that vein, below are some foods every writer should include into his or her diet plan.
1. Add Oily Fish to Your Diet
Studies have shown that the human brain and other vital organs thrive on a constant input of omega-3 fatty acids due to the fact that they contain very effective Eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (EPA and DHA) which directly improve the brain vitality. Although there are medications containing the Omega-3 fatty acid, wild salmon and other fishes that fall into the “oily” category provide a natural source of the EPA and DHL acids in large portions. Therefore, a slice of wild salmon every now and then wouldn’t hurt.
2. Chump on Some Blueberries
For those who have a hard time getting their hands on salmon or don’t like the taste, blueberries provide their own special brand of vitamins that can also be helpful to your brain’s cognitive abilities. These berries can easily be found in any community with a vibrant gardening culture and the relative cheapness of the product means that you can purchase blueberries in large quantities.
Vegetarians looking to eat natural brainiac foods without reneging on their convictions, can also look at blueberries as a suitable option to nourish their brain. Finally, a healthy diet consisting of blueberries will not only improve your memory, but also your body’s coordination and motor skills in the long run.
3. Cop Some Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is another great food condiment with great properties for increasing the brain power and its cognitive abilities. The use of coconut oil is important for two major reasons: it enhances the ability of the brain neurons to make use of energy and it serves as an anti-stress serum for the human body.
Coconut oil consists of polyphenols and medium chain fatty acids which are responsible for its antioxidant and antidepressant features. The corresponding reduced stress and increased function of the brain cells, in turn, increase the brain cognitive and retention abilities. Coconut oil is quite easy to get hold of and it’s ‘oil and fat’ status makes it another viable option for vegetarians.
4. Become a Nuts Fan
Nuts in general should be considered as a great friend to anyone looking for brainiac food sources or natural vitamins to complement your diet. This is due to its mineral and nutrient composition that includes: omega-3 fats, vitamin E, copper, manganese and fiber which all have the potential to maintain the overall health of the brain.
Although most nuts are good resources of the above nutrients, the English walnut wins its category as the most effective brainiac food for humans. The polyphenolic compounds, that it produces, reduce the oxidants and anti-inflammatory loads that affect brain cells which makes it suitable for all classes of the human diet.
5. Spice-up with Turmeric
Through the centuries of human existence, turmeric has played an important role in ensuring that the human brain stays healthy. Vedic texts dating back 3000 years, have described in detail its use and importance to the human brain in ancient times. Today, turmeric still plays an important Bouncy Castle For Sale  role as a brainiac food for both young and elderly people interested in maximizing their brain power. The research has also shown that turmeric has the potential to prevent as well as treat patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This Indian spice does this by effectively attacking neurotic plaques which are some of the abnormalities found in the brain of patients suffering from Alzheimer. Therefore, using turmeric in small quantities for coloring and flavoring when making mustard relishes will do your brain cognitive powers a lot of good.
6. Dining on Dandelion Greens
These vegetables are powerful Brainiac supplements which should be included in the dietary plans of writers and students. Dandelion greens contain prebiotic fiber which are known for their ability to keep the human brain healthy. Prebiotic fiber helps nurture the growth of brain gut bacteria which support hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects in the brain. The nutritious value of this leafy vegetable already makes it a staple feature in most homes.
7. Binge on Red Wine
The medicinal value of red wine is well known for decades. It sustains the body’s health but the brain benefits have been relatively unknown in medicinal circles up until now. Red wine produces brain-targeting polyphenols which have the reputation of reducing the generation of amyloid peptides—one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease—as well as boosting the blood circulation in the head.
This list of brainiac foods is easily available read here in any grocery store. It will help at supplying your brain with effective data processing, quick thinking and conscious writing. Sometimes, when facing a writing block, the state of the body that prevents us from a willful act of finishing that paper. This means it’s time to refuel your tank. So get to it.

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