6 Types Of First Aid Courses To Choose From

6 Types of First Aid Courses to Choose From

If you have undergone a recognized first aid course in details, you will be prepared to tackle any medical emergency without panicking or difficulty. You will also do mankind a great service by saving a life and the greatest advantage of taking this course is that you don’t need to belong to a certain profession or be the holder of any specific qualification either. Moreover, you can take this course at any age. That’s why it has now become compulsory for doctors, lifeguards, nurses and child care specialists to be trained in first aid and most educational institutions, child care centers and hospitals keep nominating their staff for first aid training from time to time.
The first aid course that you decide to choose will depend on your individual requirement and the type of emergencies you intend handling. Moreover, if you intend taking it up as a full time profession, you need to look at the employment potential and opportunities available for the course that you undergo. The six main first aid courses are highlighted below:

?CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and Basic First Aid: This training is given to those working for schools and sports associations and teaches the recipient how to deal with cuts, bruises, sprains, sudden blackouts and even sudden cardiac arrests.

?Infant and Child First Aid course: This is a specialized course and needs to be taken by those working for cr&37971;hes and child care centers, pediatric wards of hospitals and babysitting centers. Training includes handling sudden choking due to a foreign body in the windpipe, handling falls, fractures, deep cuts and sprains. Those trained in pediatric first aid are much in demand as they are considered specialists in handling child emergencies which are common and happen quite often.

?First Aid Courses for Sports Safety: This again is a specialized training which those associated intimately with sports activities need to undertake. Coaches, physiotherapists and athletes would do well to undertake this course as would instructors of physical fitness, swimming and adventure sports instructors. The course teaches you on handling head, back and spinal injuries, fractures, ligament tears, back sprains and initial pain management.

?BAT or Basic Aid Training helps you specialize in first aid for children aged between eight and ten years. You will be trained to handle deep cuts, gashes, swimming accidents and fractures caused by share more details falls.

?First Aid For Pets: This raining is given to those working for veterinary clinics and hospitals and to pet owners also. A dog gasping for breath with a bone stuck in its throat is a scary sight and if you are adequately trained, you stand to save its life. You will also be trained to stop profuse bleeding by way of learning to dress wounds appropriately. This could help you save on your veterinary care bills also.

?Outdoors First Aid Course: These are designed for mountaineers, hikers and outdoors loving persons. The curriculum includes: handling head, neck and spinal injuries, respiratory distress, deep cuts and fractures. An integral part any first aid course is to increase your confidence in using first aid kits properly and to improvise when you are outdoors.

To learn more, visit our website about First Aid Course today and bookmark it to share with others!

To learn more, visit our website about about First Aid Course today and bookmark it to share with others!

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