7 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Gmail

7 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Gmail

Gmail is the most popular e-mail Bouncy Castle service provider all around the world. It should be noted that 80% of the people who use the e-mail service has a Google account. Most of them tend to use it to send and receive e-mails. Apart from sending and receiving e-mails people also use the Gmail service to use up the YouTube service, Google drive service, Googleplay store and Google+. But there is whole new world that your Gmail ID could take you to, apart from these ordinary services that they provide. Some of these services are a great convenience option for the user. It is really useful to know the amazing things that you could do with your Gmail ID. Described below are some of those amazing options.
1. Use Your Google Drive as a JukeboxOrdinary people use Google Drive as a great cloud platform to store all their presentations, documents and important spreadsheets. But there is whole new unseen side of the Google Drive, where you could use it with a 3rd party software to stream songs as and when you want. It is like creating your own virtual Jukebox. It has a very simple mechanism regardless of the device you use. For the PC platform you could use different software and for the smartphone platform you could use differentsoftware.
2. Creating Your Own Map Through Google MapsIt is pretty interesting to know that you could create your own location on the Google map and share it within your family through your Gmail ID. Just imagine that you are planning to host a birthday party at a new venue that most of your friends aren’t aware of. So the best method would be to create your own custom made map with a set of waypoint symbols and texts with multiple colors. It is now possible if you have a Gmail ID.
3. Print From Anywhere in the WorldThis is one of the coolest options that you will ever get to use. You could use the chrome browser along with your Google account to send a printing option to your printer at home just in few seconds. You got to facilitate this option in your home computer initially. Just select the Google cloud printing service within the advanced settings. Ensure that both the Bouncy Castle For Sale home printer and the remote printer are switched on at the time of the operation.
4. Manage The Contacts Within Your PhoneWe all know that it is a big hassle to recover all the contacts that to a new phone when switching phones. But it isn’t a hassle now if you have a Gmail account. You could import an existing backup to your Gmail inbox or create a new backup for the inbox. Once you change your phone you could simply download the Gmail app and backup the contacts to the new phone within a few minutes.
5. Be a Celebrity on YouTubeYouTube has become a legendary video platform where music artists and other artists use up the service as a great stage to showcase their talents and skills to the millions of YouTube users all around the world. You are really lucky if you have the necessary skills, a Gmail account, a handy cam or a webcam and a good microphone. These will help you to start up your own Google channel. The Gmail account is www.subwaysurfershackss.club/ the minimum and the most important criteria that you should fulfill to start a channel on YouTube.
6. Create Extra Space for Your Photos and VideosSome photos and videos could carry great sentimental value where you don’t feel like deleting them at any cost. This is where you conflict with the internal memory of your device. The internal memory may not be sufficient to store all your important photographs and videos. The best remedy is to get the service of Google+ through your Gmail account. This will provide you the option to Auto Back-up your pictures and videos to the cloud free of charge. You got to make sure that you perform this function when the Wi-Fi network is activated.
7. Create Videos Through Your Gmail IDYou got to simply log onto YouTube using your Gmail ID to set things up. Select the My Chanel option under your account name. Make sure that you click on the upload button which is on top of the page and then select Private as an option in the privacy drop-down list. Click the record button and do your own video as a tutorial or any other thing which you prefer. Record till you get the perfect output.
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