July 10, 2015 Morlon Greenwood Football Camp

Scenes From The 2015 Morlon Greenwood Fundamental Football Camp

On Friday July 10, 2015 at Freeport High School the Morlon Greenwood Foundation held the first annual Morlon Greenwood Fundamental Football Camp for youths in the Freeport, Long Island area. The clinic was free to the public and featured former NFL and college stars Morlon Greenwood, Amos Zereoue, Duke Pettijohn (Syracuse) and Jerry Mackey (Syracuse) teaching the athletes the proper technique in order to improve their game. The atmosphere was amazing as some 300 kids took part in the event. Hosted by Pre-Postgame Inc., CEO Robert T. Green (Pre-Postgame), put together a great night of football for athletes of all ages.

The night started out with Jumping Castle singer/songwriter Marvin Moore (Maria/Maria) performing the National Anthem and Morlon Greenwood (Ultimate) singing to the crowd. This is the first of many events planned by Pre-Postgame and every parent in attendance had great comments regarding the event.




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